Crypto Scandals on the Horizon, Telegram Communities Exploited

Crypto Scandals on the Horizon, Telegram Communities Exploited
  • An anonymous whistle-blower will soon leak over 100GB of Telegram data. 
  • These secret Telegram chats could possibly cause a rift within the crypto community.
  • Data will become public from June 30, 2022 onwards.

A Twitter account by the name of adyingnobody has caused quite the ruckus today. The account posted a long thread of tweets talking about a huge scandal surrounding possible crypto stars and influencers. 

The thread reveals nothing about the user but rather what secrets the data currently holds. In detail, the account talks about backing data from crypto groups and communities on Telegram. Specifically, the data holds sensitive information that could possibly rip the crypto community apart. 

The user claims all this data will be available to the public starting June 15, 2022. In addition, the tweets say that all information will be out on July 07, 2022. For fear that Twitter will take down the tweets, TwitLonger compiled most of the thread here.

The released data consists of up to 137.21GB of Telegram group chats and messages. The conversation was collected via a fault in Telegram’s privacy settings that groups failed to set up accurately. This data includes messages between October 2019 to May 2022. 

The whistle blower also shares teasers of what is to come when he releases the data. This includes information about rugpull discussions, projects aimed at scamming the crypto community and particular individuals between December 2019 – February 2022. 

More so, it also covers killings, assaults, burglary, and assassinations within the members of the community and group chats. This is only the beginning, one of the biggest reveals includes project creators in the top 200 market cap projects. This does not exclude yield-farming projects, stablecoins, AMM’s and more instances where funds were siphoned from the majority of users. 

To conclude, the thread says everything will be shared in a e135846e2594f4ddb45abee1e27c8521329e440b9af77891a29ae54f8cd71bbc .7zip titled “CTGGHistory”. The password to access the file will be available after a signed transaction at this address – 0xdC56BCccf3fa51687f339E2425E9Bc1a2acB42Ee.

Lastly, the whistle blower says this is their way of succumbing to their guilt and wishing to do the right thing before passing away. Finally, they apologize to their family and hope they understand why they made this decision. 

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