Everyrealm and Storyverse Partner to Create Interactive Stories for NFT Communities

Los Angeles, United States, 18th May, 2022, Chainwire

EveryRealm Purchases 250 PLOTs in Storyverse’s Now Sold Out Public Sale 

Storyverse, the first-ever interactive storytelling platform on the blockchain, today announced its partnership with Everyrealm, a leader in metaverse innovation and development, to provide the  foundation for NFT communities to create fun, interactive story games within the metaverse.

The Storyverse recently hosted its genesis public sale of PLOTs which sold out in seven minutes. Everyrealm, one of the most active investors in and developers of the metaverse real estate ecosystem, purchased and now manages 250 PLOTs in the Storyverse.

The Storyverse provides ‘no-code’, interactive story publishing tools for NFT communities looking to collaboratively create narratives designed to entertain audiences and build brand value. Communities, tools, and tokens work together to fuel an exciting, new community-driven character economy.  

“We’re entering a fascinating phase of the global entertainment economy where creators are challenging the traditional media and entertainment companies for audiences.  The Storyverse is at the cutting edge of that trend by unlocking advanced rich media publishing tools and the ability for anyone to create the next-gen Bart Simpson, Peppa Pig, or Cartman from their mobile phone,” said Justin Waldron, founder of the Storyverse. “By teaming up with the awesome team at Everyrealm we’ll accelerate our vision and delight fans along the way.” 

“As placemakers in the metaverse, Everyrealm will utilize Storyverse’s tools to continue to shape the metaverse and build engaging stories within Everyrealm’s unique metaverse environments,” said Janine Yorio, CEO and co-founder of Everyrealm. “Storytelling will play an important role in building value and bringing new communities into the ever expanding virtual world we call the metaverse.”

About Storyverse

The Storyverse is a blockchain project currently incubated by Playco that is focused on no-code game publishing tools for NFT PFP communities. It empowers PFP owners to create and publish personalized interactive storytelling games about their own PFPs and then post links to them anywhere on the web. The user generated content (UGC) tools put PFP character development and lore in the hands of the community and give birth to a new generation of interactive community-created games – known as stories – for people to play.

About Everyrealm

Everyrealm is one of the most active investors in and developers of the metaverse real estate ecosystem. We invest in, manage, and develop assets including NFTs, virtual real estate, metaverse platforms, gaming, and infrastructure. Everyrealm has holdings in 27 metaverse platforms, owns over 3,500 parcels of land, has developed six metaverse real estate projects, and owns over 2,000 NFTs.

Everyrealm is a placemaker in the metaverse. In addition to The Museum Collection, which is a digital culture museum for NFTs, they also developed Metajuku, the first metaverse shopping mall with retail tenants and leases; built Fantasy Islands, a luxury, master-planned real estate development in the Sandbox metaverse; and established Realm Academy, the first online university set in the metaverse and driven completely by tuition NFTs. They also have two gaming guilds in formation, including one that is a DAO.

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