Miami Mayor Thanks Crypto Adoption, City Sees 200% VC Increase

Miami Mayor Thanks Crypto Adoption, City Sees 200% VC Increase
  • The Mayor of Miami reveals his success story for making Miami a tech hub. 
  • He says it is partially thanks to embracing cryptos.
  • He is also excited about the 4-day Bitcoin 2022 conference.

The Mayor of Miami — Francis Suarez, shares the city’s success story of becoming a tech hub. To highlight, he says it is partially due to the adoption of cryptocurrencies. In detail, he specifies this during an interview

In particular, the city has seen a 200% increase in its venture capital year-over-year since embracing crypto. According to Suarez’s vision, crypto helped transform the city. In fact, he says it went from a tourism and retirement city to a city leading with innovation via crypto. With this move, Miami has taken the lead as a true tech hub in the USA. 

No doubt, Miami has taken center stage when it comes to all things crypto. For instance, the city is home to the largest crypto conference — Bitcoin Conference Miami. Thus, it is now seen as a crypto-friendly city worldwide. 

In detail, this year’s conference — Bitcoin 2022, will take place at the Miami Beach Convention Center. The conference will commence today and will run for four days. The last day will be April 9, 2022.  

According to the agenda, Day 1 is ‘Industry Day’. Likewise, Day 2-3 is when the main conference will take place. Lastly, Day 4 is the ‘Sound Money Fest’. Indeed, the conference sounds more exciting than Bitcoin 2021. 

To add on, prominent speakers such as Michael Saylor and Serena Williams will make an appearance. Also, the President of El Salvador, Nayib Bukele will be attending this year as well. Last year, he turned heads when he made Bitcoin a legal tender in his nation. 

Meanwhile, Suarez continues to push for broader crypto adoption in Miami. For example, he welcomed the Bitocin of America team specifically to encourage more women to join the crypto space. 

As a true advocate of Bitcoin, he even agreed to become the first politician in the USA to take his salary in Bitcoin (BTC). He also launched MiamiCoin (MIA) — the city’s native crypto. In fact, MIA brought $21 million in revenue within its first three months alone. In line with that, Suarez believes MIA can bring in $80 million in annual revenue. Certainly, Miami is a truly innovative crypto and tech hub. 

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