Apple Partners With Strike For Bitcoin Lightning Payments?

Apple Partners With Strike For Bitcoin Lightning Payments?
  • The Twitter crypto community sparks to life about a rumor pertaining to Apple. 
  • Supposedly, Apple will be partnering with Strike for Bitcoin Lightning Payments. 
  • This news could be confirmed at the 2022 Bitcoin conference in Miami.

The long-awaited wait for one of the biggest tech titans in the modern world to enter the crypto space may have finally arrived. Crypto technical analyst, Madelon Vos shares an article on Twitter about Apple finally joining the crypto world. 

Specifically, Vos alerts the Twitter crypto community about the possibility of Apple partnering with Strike for Bitcoin Lightning Payments. More so, she highlights hints at the community to keep an eye out for announcements about this development at the 2022 Bitcoin Conference in Miami

In detail, the article itself talks about the possible partnership. The rumors come from the actions of Jack Mallers, the CEO of Strike. Apparently, Mallers will make the announcement of the partnership at the Bitcoin conference in Miami between April 6-9, 2022.  

To highlight, this partnership would mean that Apple will enable Bitcoin Lightning payments on all of its devices. This will be a huge deal for the crypto industry. Still, the confirmation of this will only come over the next week. 

So far, the speculation comes from the fact that Mallers wore an Apple baseball cap and tweeted Apple’s tagline ‘Think different’. In fact, he also tweeted about their ‘here’s to the crazy ones’ advert. 

The Lightning Network itself proved a great solution to make Bitcoin transactions faster. The efficiency that came with the Lightning network only made Bitcoin more popular just as its high gas fees began to drag it down. 

Meanwhile, Strike is a new application that allows users from all over the world to buy and sell Bitcoin in a fast and simple manner. Just last month, the app launched in over 50 countries around the world.   

The Bitcoin Conference in Miami has set a precedent for making revolutionary announcements. At last year’s conference, the biggest news was El Salvador making Bitcoin a legal tender. Will this year’s news be about Strike and Bitcoin coming to Apple? 

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