Lightning Network’s Strike to Launch in Over 50 Countries in 2022

Lightning Network’s Strike to Launch in Over 50 Countries in 2022
  • The Bitcoin Lightning Network is launching Strike in over 50 countries this year.
  • Strike is already gaining a huge number of users in a matter of days since its launch.
  • The Network is more than ready to handle this huge influx of users.

Excitement for Bitcoin Lightning Network’s — Strike, is through the roof. In detail, the platform is set to launch in over 50 countries this year alone. Presently, Twitter is in a total buzz over the arrival of Strike. 

To specify, Strike is an app that will give users a simple and easy-to-use platform to buy and sell Bitcoin. Along with this, it also comes with many other perks. To name a few, it skips fees and stacks stats as well. 

Bitcoin Archive made quite a few posts about Strike going live in many countries. To highlight, the Twitter account says that the Bitcoin Lightning Network is taking over the world. 

This statement, of course, connects with other related posts. In particular, it highlights the fact that over 100,000 people signed up to use Strike in Argentina. This is incredible as the numbers gathered within two weeks of launching. 

More so, Bitcoin Archive also highlights the fact that Strike is in great demand all over the world. Specifically, it draws light to how other products that saw this kind of demand were iPhones in their early days. 

Indeed, this is delightful news not just for the Strike community but also for the Bitcoin and crypto community as a whole. Accordingly, the Twitter posts saw encouraging responses from other Strike and Bitcoin enthusiasts. 

One in particular talks about how iPhones, at first, were not as openly embraced just like Bitcoin. Similarly, just like iPhones, now Bitcoin and the Lightning Network are slowly becoming more and more mainstream. 

In contrast, others show concerns. For instance, one response to a tweet frets about the Lightning Network possibly becoming congested as more users pour into the Strike platform. On this matter, Bitcoin Archive immediately quells concern. Specifically, it says ‘Nah. Huge scaling potential’. 

In fact, Bitcoin Archive even says that the network can manage 25 million transactions per second. Thus, this is the Lightning Network’s capacity. In turn, the Strike platform should have no issues catering to the many new users that are likely to flood its platform this 2022. 

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