Multiple Rumors Say Apple Has Bought Billions in Bitcoin

Rumors Say Apple Has Bought Bitcoin
  • Rumors are flying on Twitter pointing out the possibility of Apple investing in Bitcoin. 
  • The rumors range from $2 billion to $2.5 billion of Bitcoin investments from Apple. 
  • To support the rumor, Apple is looking for a candidate with crypto experience.

The cryptoverse is alight with conflicting rumors about Apple having bought billions in Bitcoin (BTC). Specifically, the rumors range between Apple investing $2 billion and $2.5 billion. 

For instance, GalaxyTrading tweets about the rumor saying Apple has bought more than $2 billion in Bitcoin. The tweet got a mix of responses. Some replies were enthusiastic and encouraged Apple to invest in other cryptos like Litecoin and more. 

On the other hand, some replies were calling out the tweet saying rumors are simply rumors until proven true. A whole other set of replies went on to say that the price of Bitcoin would have definitely gone up if the rumor was true. Similarly, other replies went on to highlight the current price of Bitcoin to say that the price is yet to see a bull run. 

These responses are understandable. It is highly possible that Bitcoin’s price could surge greatly if bought by Apple. Historically, the price of Bitcoin has always gone up when corporations invest in the crypto. For example, when Tesla bought $1.5 billion in Bitcoin, the BTC price shot up by 20% in the same day. 

Meanwhile, CEO of ChainLeak, Joshuwa Roomsburg tweets that Apple’s Bitcoin purchase is $2.5 billion worth of Bitcoin. In addition, he says if this rumor is true, he will celebrate the occasion by buying an iPhone. 

In contrast, other influencers in the industry tweet that this can only be a rumor. They believe that Bitcoin is too controversial for Apple and that the brand will not be investing any time soon. As for Apple themselves, there is yet to be an official announcement on the matter. 

Looking back to 2019, Jennifer Bailey, the Vice President of Apple Pay said something interesting. She said that Apple finds cryptocurrency interesting and is keeping a close eye on it. More so, just a couple of weeks ago, Apple put up an interesting job posting that points to its growing interest in crypto. 

In detail, the job is seeking a candidate with over 5 years experience in or with alternative payments including digital wallets, Fast Payments, BNPL, cryptocurrency, etc. With no official word from Apple, we can only speculate if the rumors carry more weight or are simply just rumors. Suffice to say, Bitcoin’s next bull run could be set off by many alternative possibilities. 

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