Kraken Beats Binance as ‘Favorite Cryptocurrency Exchange’

  • Kraken takes the title of the people’s choice for favorite crypto exchange.
  • A Reddit thread asked which crypto exchange users most preferred to use. 
  • The community shared many reasons for why they chose Kraken.

According to an interesting discussion on a Reddit thread, Kraken has trumped Binance for the crown of favorite crypto exchange. Indeed, it seems Kraken is the most popular cryptocurrency exchange in the hearts and minds of many crypto enthusiasts. 

In a subreddit thread ‘CryptoCurrency’, one user asked the community what crypto exchange is their overall favorite to use. In response, Kraken crypto exchange got the highest number of votes from the subreddit. 

Going into detail, one of the top reasons for choosing Kraken as the more preferred crypto exchange comes from another user. To highlight, this user says Kraken is ‘super solid’. They also go on to mention how Kraken recently added Polygon staking to its platform. 

Adding on to that, the same user says they wouldn’t need any other exchange if Kraken added just one more crypto onto its platform. Meanwhile, another user chimed in saying how Kraken’s blog is great as their posts share valuable information. 

Another user says that they have never had a bad thing to say about Kraken while another says Kraken never had any bloatware or other irrelevant adverts on their platform. In fact, they say Kraken is simple and functional which is all it needs. 

It is important to note that the initial question only asked which their favorite exchange was. The question did not specify based on any particular metrics. Still, many shared their opinion on why they believe Kraken sets itself apart from the rest. 

Lastly, another user mentions how they have heard of scandals about many crypto exchanges, but not about Kraken. All in all, it seems other exchanges have a lot to take into account when it comes to satisfying the broad range of crypto users. 

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