Reddit Introduces Blockchain-Backed Collectible Avatars as NFTs

  • Reddit announces an NFT collection of its own with Collectible Avatars. 
  • Together with Storefront and the Polygon network, artists can make the best of their work.
  • Interested parties do not need cryptocurrency to buy these NFT avatars.

Reddit is thrilled to announce the introduction of an NFT-based avatar marketplace. This platform will arrive in partnership with the Polygon network. It will also be brought to users by New Storefront.

The blockchain-backed collectible has enticed Redditers everywhere. As we can see from responses to the tweet, most users are excited to see how fast the community has grown. The majority are already pumped to begin minting their NFT avatars. 

In detail, Reddit launched a new avatar builder about two years ago. This allowed its users to generate and customize their very own unique personal avatar. After this, they provided accessories, hairstyles, and outfits to further boost identity expression.

All this attention and adoption led Reddit to this conclusion — giving Reddit artists their license to create any style of avatar. Artists can now showcase their art to all of the Reddit community. With the new Collectible Avatars, artists can earn via their work. 

Thus, the Collectible Avatars series will act as limited-edition avatars created by independent artists. In partnership with Storefront, Reddit will allow users and owners to benefit from special perks on the platform. 

For instance, if a user sets a creator’s Collectible Avatar as their personal avatar on Reddit, then they can also mix and match the avatar gear from another Reddit avatar’s accessories or gear. In turn, their profile image will have a glow-like effect in the comments section. 

So, what differentiates Collectible Avatars from other Reddit avatars? To specify, Collectible Avatars can be bought and artists will receive payments for every Collectible Avatar sold. That being said, Collectible Avatars are also available for free via Reddit Premium. 

Other factors are that Collective Avatars are backed by blockchain technology. In fact, buyers also purchase rights to use the artwork on and off of Reddit. Lastly, interested parties do not need crypto to purchase any Collectible Avatar. Finally, none will be put up for auction and they will all be available at a fixed price.

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