Enables Apple Pay Crypto Purchases in the USA Enables Apple Pay Crypto Purchases in the USA
  • allows crypto purchase on its platform with Apple Pay.
  • This feature is currently available to US users only.
  • US users in US territories and the state of New York are excluded.

The popular cryptocurrency exchange announces the integration of Apple Pay onto its website and app. Thus, Apple Pay users can now begin buying cryptocurrencies on

Furthermore, these crypto purchases on the exchange can be done via the use of both debit and credit cards with Apple Pay. With this move, is looking forward to boosting and enhancing user experience. 

With Apple Pay involved in the process, users are guaranteed a secure and seamless payment transaction method. made this very decision in order to offer an option for convenient transactions to ensure the highest level of security. 

In addition, those that own an Apple Card and use it as their payment method on to buy crypto will also receive a special perk. This perk involves receiving 2% in Daily Cash on each of their purchases on the exchange. 

To begin, Apple Pay users in the US will have this privilege of purchasing cryptos on using their Apple Pay account. Thus, users can directly connect their Apple Pay to the app and get started. 

While this feature is available to users in the USA, it does however exclude those residing in the state of  New York and US territories. The latter include Guam, American Samoa, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Riso, and the Northern Mariana Islands. 

For now, the feature is only available in the US. The platform aims to push the feature out to other countries in the near future. More so, the new feature will include ongoing credit and debit fees that will be charged on the protocol. is very excited about this integration with Apple Pay. After all, the platform is one of the largest social trading platforms in the space. With over 200 million global users, this partnership is sure to elevate crypto adoption as a whole. 

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