Meta Introduce Meta Pay and Digital Wallet for the Metaverse

  • Mark Zuckerberg makes an exciting announcement via his Facebook page. 
  • He says Meta is introducing Meta Pay and a digital wallet for the metaverse. 
  • With this, he hopes to create greater opportunities for creators on the platform.

Mark Zuckerberg — Founder of Facebook, made an exciting announcement on his Facebook page. In detail, he announces that Meta is introducing Meta Pay and a digital wallet for the metaverse. 

Specifically, he says Meta is taking a huge step by changing Facebook Pay to make it Meta Pay. The service will continue to provide the same simple way to send money and shop. It will also continue to give Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger users the option to donate to whatever cause they wish to support. 

Zuckerberg goes on to add that besides these existing features, Meta Pay will also introduce something new. In particular, it will act as a wallet for the metaverse. Here, users can securely manage their identity as well as have complete control over what they own and how they pay. 

Additionally, Zuckerberg says the future will have all sorts of digital items that users might want to buy or create. These would include art, videos, music, clothes, experiences, events, and much more. 

More so, he stresses the importance of proof of ownership, especially if creators wish to move these creations across different services. Ideally, users would rather simply sign into their metaverse experiences to immediately access everything they bought within the space. 

Therefore, Zuckerberg says the long way to get there can be trumped by providing interoperability. This will deliver a much greater experience and offer creators better opportunities. 

Ultimately, he believes that the more accessible digital goods, the more people will value them. In turn, this creates a larger market for creators. Thus, the easier it is to transact, the higher the opportunities created. 

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