BAYC: Yuga Labs to Launch Skill-Based NFT Mint

  1. Yuga Labs intends to extend its Non-Fungible Token ecosystem.
  2. This will start on January 17 with a complimentary mint known as Sewer Passes.
  3. The platform will also provide users with the ability to own land.

The creative studio behind Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), Yuga Labs, has made an announcement about the extension of its non-fungible token (NFT) ecosystem. This expansion will begin with a free mint and a skill-based game.

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The one-of-a-kind drop, which will take place in many stages, will start on January 17 with a complimentary mint known as Sewer Passes that will be given to current Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club registrants. 

These tokens are necessary in order to get access to the skill-based game known as Dookey Dash, which will be available for play beginning on January 18.

BAYC wrote in a series of tweets on Wednesday;

Sewer Pass holders will compete for the highest score and earn their new power source. The highest single-run score on your specific Sewer Pass and accompanying wallet that achieved the run will determine what it reveals.

The organization has also dropped hints that whatever is disclosed will “develop over the year 2023” and will be used in future “battles.” 

It is increasingly clear that Yuga’s broader plans to develop an interoperable metaverse experience referred to as “The Otherside” are a significant motivating factor behind the launch of this new NFT mint, which kicked off on December 21 with an NSFW animated video called “The Trial of Jimmy the Monkey.” 

The platform will provide users the ability to own land and transform their non-playable characters, or NFTs, into playable characters.

According to the roadmap for Yuga Labs’ most recent project, the NFTs that were generated from the experiment that lasted for one month would, at a later time, be incorporated into a narrative experience that will be referred to as “Chapter 1.”

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