Axie Makes Long-Awaited Move, Evolve Axies on Axie App Now

  • Axie Infinity introduces groundbreaking Axie Part Evolution on December 20, 2023.
  • Evolving Axies requires materials, AXS tokens, time, with Race to Evolution Challenge.
  • From a circle in 2017 to a massive army, Axie’s evolution revolutionizes Lunacia.

In a groundbreaking move, Axie Infinity introduces the eagerly awaited Axie Part Evolution, revolutionizing the dynamic world of Lunacia. Released on December 20, 2023, this transformative feature brings a new dimension to the Axie economy, promising to change the landscape of digital collectibles forever.

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Now, Axie owners can initiate the evolution process at App.Axie. The revolutionary Part Evolutions aim to apply deflationary pressure on the Axie population, reshaping the economy and reinforcing user bonds with their digital companions.

However, evolving axies comes at a cost, requiring specific materials, an ascended Axie, AXS tokens, and time. Axie enthusiasts can review detailed costs, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the evolution process.

The Race to Evolution Challenge offers exciting incentives for the first 10,000 evolved Axies. Participants have a chance to win Radiant Spirit Shells, Origin Axies, and the owner of the first-ever Axie evolving all six parts will receive a Mystic Axie.

Axie Infinity traces its evolution from a humble circle in 2017 to a massive army of digital warriors. The Axie generation, akin to a ladder, symbolizes continuous improvement, learning, exploration, and community building.

Ascend your axie and collect the required materials and AXS tokens. Understand the evolution process, considering the Garuda Shrine Shop, Consumables, and materials. Navigate to App.Axie and access Atia’s Flame through your inventory. Click “Manage axie” and select “Ready to Evolve” after securing necessary materials. Finally, pay the AXS offering and materials to initiate the evolution.

A standard evolution takes 4 days, but doubling materials results in an instant evolution. Evolution involves effort and rewards, demanding materials, AXS tokens, and time. Axies can only evolve one part per ascension, emphasizing the need for AXP and ascension before evolution.

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