Apple CEO Tim Cook is Not a Metaverse Fan

Apple CEO Tim Cook is Not a Metaverse Fan
  • Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, thinks the metaverse tech is confusing the average person.
  • Apple has yet to lay plans in regard to the 3D virtual world.
  • Cook compares AR with the internet today, saying it is difficult to live without in the future.

The Chief Executive Officer of Apple, Tim Cook, was among those well-known names in the tech industry that was not a fan of the hyped idea of the metaverse.

According to a published article in the Dutch publication Bright, Apple hasn’t got a grip on the term ‘metaverse’ yet, even after many tech firms are already deeply invested in it. Cook explained:

“I always think it’s important that people understand what something is. And I’m really not sure the average person can tell you what the metaverse is.”

For those who are not familiar with it, the metaverse is a fictional universe of integrated 3D virtual worlds, which can be accessed via virtual reality and augmented reality headsets. Most Web3 platforms are developing a metaverse to socialize, play games, visit shopping malls, or even work in a virtual office. 

While many tech companies like Meta, Microsoft, and Disney made a move with regard to the metaverse, Apple has yet to openly promote the fictional world. CEOs of tech giant firms including Eric Schmidt of Google and Evan Spiegel of Snap shared the same point of view with Cook. Schmidt noted that “there’s not an agreement on what the metaverse is,” and Spiegel said the idea of the metaverse is “ambiguous and hypothetical.”

Furthermore, Cook clarified that he’s not against the idea of the metaverse. In fact, he said it “can be used in a good way.” However, he believed that people will not live their whole lives immersed in this virtual world.

On the other hand, Apple’s top executive prefers Augmented reality (AR), which augments the user’s environment by adding digital elements to a live view with the use of a camera. He believes that this technology “will affect everything,” in the future.

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