Investors Debate: $1,500 for iPhone 14 Pro Max vs 1 ETH

Investors Debate: $1,500 for iPhone 14 Pro Max vs 1 ETH
  • Apple announces its new suite of products including the iPhone 14 Pro Max 1 TB.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro Max 1 TB costs almost the same as 1 ETH. 
  • This leaves many considering which asset holds more value to them in the long run.

Apple announced its new series of Apple products yesterday and the world got a first look at the iPhone 14 at Apple’s big event. Along with the iPhone 14, a whole suite of other Apple products were unveiled, along with their prices. The price of a single iPhone 14 Pro Max 1TB rivals that of a single ETH.

This revelation has many debating where they want to put their investments. Will it be a flagship phone that offers pretty much the same features as its old model, or will investors want to bet on a cryptocurrency that is most likely about to soar? 

Presently, the price of 1 ETH is $1,706 according to CoinGecko. During the time of the Apple new product announcement, the price of ETH was below $1,600. Meanwhile, the cost of a single iPhone 14 Pro Max of 1TB, stacks up to $1,599.

Along with the iPhone 14, Apple’s event also announced the details of iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, Apple Watch Series 8, Apple Watch Ultra, and much more. As usual, the Apple loyalists are already scrambling to buy the newly released Apple products. 

On the other hand, the price and ‘new features’ of the phone has many considering whether they should take a step back and invest in something else. After all, smartphones have a shelf life, but cryptocurrencies will only go up in value. Especially when the cryptocurrency is Ethereum (ETH), a flagship asset that holds great value and vision. 

What’s more, the Ethereum blockchain is just a few days away from its Ethereum merge. Soon, Ethereum will switch from its Proof-of-Work consensus to a Proof-of-Stake consensus. This will make the Ethereum blockchain much more favorable in terms of speed, scalability, sustainability, and more. The Ethereum merge is a much-awaited event and the value of ETH will likely skyrocket after its successful merge. Soon after, Ethereum will have much more to offer to the Ethereum community. Thus, ETH holds more value than any product from Apple’s new lineup, in the eyes of many.

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