Warning to Avoid Unicoin`s Celebrity-Promoted Scams

A New Scam Scheme has Been Reported on Reddit
  1. A Reddit post advises crypto users to avoid Unicoin.
  2. Transparent Business is responsible for the primary organization of Unicoin
  3. Celebrities are helping to promote the cryptocurrency pair.

A recent post on Reddit offered users of cryptocurrencies the advice to steer clear of celebrity-promoted frauds on the cryptocurrency known as Unicoin. The latest information suggests that the coin will see tremendous expansion, and annual dividends will be distributed. In addition to this, famous people are helping to promote the cryptocurrency pair.

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Unicoin makes the claim that its value will be supported by investments in firms that have the potential to one day become unicorns (worth one billion dollars). The primary organization that is responsible for it is known as Transparent Business. 

It is a company that was founded by former Russian billionaires Alex Konanykhin and Silvina Moschini. Transparent Business provides solutions for working remotely. Unicorn Hunters is a YouTube video that was created by Transparent Solutions. The show is similar to (Shark tank) and was the inspiration for the creation of Unicoin.

The cryptocurrency additionally promises a potential superior to that of bitcoin in terms of its low volatility and extensive media partnerships.

In the same line, there are now six firms that are part of the Unicoin portfolio, with the Unicorn Hunters show itself being the one that has the largest market value. The user on Reddit asserts that the values in the portfolio are questionable, despite the fact that there are 130,000 subscribers.

It is important to note that the remaining five businesses are all privately held and have values that fall somewhere below 10 million.

If investors do not exercise extreme caution, they run the risk of falling victim to fraud that is being promoted by well-known figures. It is also receiving coverage in many pieces published on Forbes and other crypto news websites.

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