Crypto Scam Plagues YouTube, Beware Amazon Coin – AMZTR

Crypto Scam Plagues YouTube, Beware Amazon Coin - AMZTR
  • A Reddit user warns the crypto community of the latest crypto scam. 
  • The scam seems to be running rampant on YouTube.
  • It is doing so in the form of a promotion of a supposed Amazon Coin called AMZTR.

It seems a new crypto scam is plaguing the masses. This time the scam has taken the form of a YouTube promotion ad. Most interestingly, the ad seems to be surfacing with the Amazon brand name. 

In detail, a user on the CryptoCurrency thread on Reddit draws the attention of the crypto community with a warning. To highlight, the warning throws light on the latest crypto scam that’s slowly making more appearances on YouTube. 

Specifically, the post says that the new scam is promoting a supposed Amazon Coin called AMZTR. The promotion showcases AMZTR and is followed by numbers. More so, it seems that bots are spanning every crypto-related video on YouTube. 

The post goes on to say that it is simply here to warn the masses and encourages readers to be careful. On the same forum, another user warns the crypto community to beware of rising scams during the Ethereum merge. It seems they had the right idea in expecting scammers to increase in number during this auspicious moment for the crypto community. 

Coming back to the AMZTR crypto scam, the post says that a single comment likely left by a bot seems to have over 800 likes to it. This raises the question, does the scam have over 800 accounts on YouTube supporting the botnet? 

The user goes on to speculate this matter and points an accusatory finger at YouTube. They claim that YouTube is truly incompetent if they allow so many fake accounts to run rampant on its platform. They express their annoyance over the fact that these bots keep asking legitimate users to share their whatsapp details, and so on. 

Most peculiarly, the bots encourage innocent users to join fake events like a 10k per month opportunity which is clearly a fake investment sham. In response to the warning, the most notable comment says that if people are still falling for very clear scams then there is definitely much need for research within the space. 

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