XANA Metaverse to Launch NFT Sale of Land NFTs

XANA is launching the XANA: Land NFTs on October 5. The Land NFTs are the most important NFT in its Metaverse. Prior to its launch, the price of XANA’s Xeta increased 8.84% in the last 24 hours. XANA, an Ethereum sidechain custom-built for the Metaverse, announced the upcoming sale of the XANA: Land NFTs slated on October 5. Posted above is the tweet of Xana Metaverse’s rare Land NFTs, along with the ‘Land’ teaser video. Land, the most essential NFT in Xana, is a 3D virtual world where world-renowned IPs and users of Xana can create their content on the

XANA Launch 100 Skateboard NFTs, Floor Price Rose Few Hours After Public Sale

XANA released 400 out of 500 skateboard NFTs last month. In partnership with Gate.io, XANA issued the remaining 100 NFTs in public sale. Floor price of skateboard NFTs has increased 83.33% few hours after the sale. XANA, an Ethereum sidechain built for Metaverse, announced that their Skateboard NFTs are now available for public sale at Gate.io, a crypto-to-crypto exchange from China operating since 2013. In a tweet, the Metaverse project pointed out that it is the first “ridable” NFTs available in the metaverse. Last March, NOBORDER.z, in partnership with ZETA and STYLUS Inc., launched an NFT collection of skateboards designed

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Metaverse Project XANA Launches NFT Launchpad

The NFT launchpad page will reveal all upcoming/ ongoing NFT projects of XANA. The page shows eight NFT projects from the XANA Metaverse. Using this page, users will be able to whitelist for upcoming NFT projects on XANA. The metaverse project XANA announced in a tweet the launch of the XANA NFT Launchpad page on its website. XANA is an Ethereum sidechain created for the Metaverse. In order to bring forth a Metaverse technology for billions of users, its sidechain became compatible with popular wallets and bridged with major blockchains. The Metaverse project received adoption from major institutions and global

XANA Gives Away 2K Astro Boy NFTs for GameFi, Duel
XANA Gives Away 2K Astro Boy NFTs for GameFi, Duel

Renowned Japanese companies joined forces to create a metaverse-compatible game in XANA. Astroboy x Japan NFTs will be the most premium Genesis Card to play in GameFi. Total of 2,000 Astro Boy X Japan NFTs will be given away. Last month, XANA announced that Tezuka Productions Co. Ltd., J&J (JTB corporation, and JCB Inc.), and Tottori Local Government Japan are collaborating for a thrilling new project: the metaverse-compatible GameFi, Astro Boy NFTs in XANA. The companies will release a series of NFT game cards with the theme of “regional revitalization. These renowned Japanese companies that will bring the project together