XANA Gives Away 2K Astro Boy NFTs for GameFi, Duel

XANA Gives Away 2K Astro Boy NFTs for GameFi, Duel
  • Renowned Japanese companies joined forces to create a metaverse-compatible game in XANA.
  • Astroboy x Japan NFTs will be the most premium Genesis Card to play in GameFi.
  • Total of 2,000 Astro Boy X Japan NFTs will be given away.

Last month, XANA announced that Tezuka Productions Co. Ltd., J&J (JTB corporation, and JCB Inc.), and Tottori Local Government Japan are collaborating for a thrilling new project: the metaverse-compatible GameFi, Astro Boy NFTs in XANA. The companies will release a series of NFT game cards with the theme of “regional revitalization.

These renowned Japanese companies that will bring the project together are reportedly top in their respective domains; Tezuka Productions produces world-famous Manga and Anime content, JTB has a network of tourism resources and their local governments are influential throughout Japan, JCB is the largest Japanese Credit card company, and NOBORDER.z Inc. along with XANA Platform has developed products for NFTs, a metaverse, and metaverse blockchain technology.

Yesterday, XANA tweeted updates for their NFT drop with the title “Astroboy x Japan #metaverse #NFTdrop Intro.” 

According to the announcement, participants could get a chance to win Astroboy x Japan NFTs, the most premium “Genesis Card” to play in GameFi, an NFT duel game in XANA.

Astro Boy is a renowned Manga series written and illustrated by Osamu Tezuka. The anticipated official launch of the first Astro Boy NFTs will also happen on XANALIA NFT Marketplace. NFTs on XANALIA will definitely integrate into XANA’s virtual world. XANA provides thrilling qualities that support the digital economy, which allows users to experience immersion and realism like never before. Several popular Anime, Manga, and IPs are collaborating with XANA and will be part of its promising future.

Each NFTs brought over to XANA will serve as digital assets and will be assigned a distinctive task on metaverse. Some NFTs fused onto XANA will also function as wearable digital assets for the metaverse avatars/characters (3D virtual humanoid models). These items include skins, clothes, shoes, and other accessories that users are able to equip on their Avatars. Moreover, the Astro Boy Genesis NFTs function as digital playing cards for a play-to-earn duel game on XANA Metaverse.

Privilege for Genesis NFT owners also includes access to exclusive events in the metaverse, VIP community participation rights, early access to the game, Play-to-Earn reward ultra boost, GameFi Ready NFT card, and users could participate in final adjustments of the alpha release of the p2e game.

A total of 2000 lucky participants will also receive the drop. In addition, to enter the giveaway, participants must enter their name and email. Partakers can earn extra entries by following/ joining XANA’s social media sites or by referring them to friends. Submission of entries will end on April 4, 2022.

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