Here’s One Reason Why Buterin Is Happy With the Bear Market

NFT trading volumes have dropped by 97% from their all-time high in January 2022. Monthly volume has reached only $467 million this September when its highest was $17.2 billion. Vitalik Buterin criticizes NFTs and he considers NFT trading as a sort of “gambling.” It appears there is one subsector of the crypto space that is affected more by the current crypto bear market than regular cryptocurrencies — non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Specifically, the NFT trading volumes appear to be dead. According to an article by Bloomberg, NFT trading volumes have dropped by 97% from their peak in January 2022. Back in

BREAKING: Ethereum (ETH) Merge Is Successfully Complete

The Ethereum Merge Is Complete. Ethereum’s switch to proof of stake has been planned since 2014. Ethereum’s Merge paves way for a greener future. The Ethereum consumed about the same amount of energy on Tuesday morning as all of Chile. The blockchain’s energy requirements decreased by nearly 99% just before midnight PT time.  After eight years of planning, Ethereum adopted a proof-of-work methodology, making obsolete the electricity-guzzling process of creating ether cryptocurrency tokens. Ethereum’s switch to proof of stake has been planned since 2014 before the blockchain was officially deployed. Because of its technical complexity, and the increasingly large amount

Ethereum Launches Bellatrix Hard Fork Before Ethereum Merge

Ethereum deploys Bellatrix hard fork right before the Ethereum merge.  Vitalik Buterin reminds the Ethereum community to update their clients in preparation. The Ethereum merge will likely occur between September 13-15 as planned. The Ethereum blockchain is just gearing up for its much-awaited merge. In preparation for this merge, the blockchain is launching many small upgrades, hard forks, and more. The latest of these deployments in the Bellatrix hard fork. The co-founder of Ethereum — Vitalik Buterin, took to Twitter today to address the masses. He says that today is just as important as the day of the Ethereum merge. Today

NFL Superstar Tom Brady Calls Vitalik Buterin “GOAT”
NFL Superstar Tom Brady Calls Vitalik Buterin “GOAT”

Vitalik Buterin said he didn’t know Tom Brady and thought he’s Tom Cruise, the actor from Mission Impossible. The NFL legend who’s into cryptocurrency shared that he is a fan of Vitalik Buterin. Brady’s NFT platform called Autograph would not exist without Vitalik Buterin’s work. Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin said he mistakenly thought that Tom Brady was the actor of Mission Impossible. This happened after people harshly compared Buterin as a neglected version of the American football legend’s appearance. But, Brady, who’s into cryptocurrency, expressed his appreciation of Buterin. Recently, Buterin has graced the cover of Time Magazine encompassed by

Ethereum Stuck at Sub-$3K Amid Buterin’s Ukraine Tweets
Ethereum Stuck at Sub-$3K Amid Buterin’s Ukraine Tweets

Ethereum is struggling to break past the $3,000 ceiling despite touching it briefly. In late January, Ethereum displayed the Death Cross signal. Vitalik Buterin has been outspoken in his condemnation of Russia’s aggression toward Ukraine. Ethereum appears to be struggling to earn the similar media appeal of Bitcoin amid its failure to hold the $3,000 key price ceiling. This is also despite the crypto market seeing signs of recovery from a multiple-day bloodbath due to the Russia-Ukraine crisis. As seen on the chart above, Ethereum’s one foot is already inside the $3,000 territory. It briefly touched the area before being