Ethereum Launches Bellatrix Hard Fork Before Ethereum Merge

  • Ethereum deploys Bellatrix hard fork right before the Ethereum merge. 
  • Vitalik Buterin reminds the Ethereum community to update their clients in preparation.
  • The Ethereum merge will likely occur between September 13-15 as planned.

The Ethereum blockchain is just gearing up for its much-awaited merge. In preparation for this merge, the blockchain is launching many small upgrades, hard forks, and more. The latest of these deployments in the Bellatrix hard fork. The co-founder of Ethereum — Vitalik Buterin, took to Twitter today to address the masses. He says that today is just as important as the day of the Ethereum merge. Today the Bellatrix hard fork was deployed.

Buterin says the Bellatrix hard fork is essential to the Ethereum merge. In detail, the Bellatrix hard fork prepares the existing Ethereum chain and makes it ready for the long-awaited Ethereum merge. 

In addition, Buterin tells the crowd that this is still important to the merge and then goes on to remind the community to update their clients. He also goes on to confirm that the expected date for the Ethereum merge is still likely set to take place between September 13-15. 

For a moment, the tweet received confused responses. Some were unsure of what they must do to prepare for the Ethereum merge. In response, another spectator answers by saying that ETH holders have nothing to prepare for. 

However, the same respondent advises validators staking their ETH on the beacon chain to update their software so it is ready to work in tandem with the newly merged Ethereum blockchain network.  

The Ethereum hard fork is a merge that the whole blockchain community has been looking forward to since Ethereum’s debut. Ethereum came right after Bitcoin and was the second cryptocurrency and blockchain network that came to be. It was developed to be faster and better than the Bitcoin blockchain network. 

After Ethereum, many other similar blockchain network’s popped up, most of them inspired by Ethereum. In order to deliver scalability, speed, and higher security, Ethereum needed a massive upgrade. This upgrade was delayed for years, until now, the time is finally near.

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