Floki Inu Team Establishes New School in Nigeria
Floki Inu Team Establishes New School in Nigeria

Floki has partnered with the UN and Tabitha Cumi Foundation to build a school in Nigeria. The state-of-the-art school is now completely fenced and fully furnished. The Floki team plans to build schools in Ghana, Laos, and Guatemala. The people’s cryptocurrency Floki Inu shared via Twitter the completion of a state-of-the-art school project in Nigeria, along with pictures of the school building, teachers, staff, and the beautiful students of the new school. FLOKI started after Elon Musk tweeted ‘Shiba Inu will get the name FLOKI’. One of Floki’s core projects is charity, it gives power and opportunity to the ‘underdogs’

Nigeria Rides the Crypto Wave
Nigeria Rides the Crypto Wave, Citizens Choose Bitcoin

Nigeria ranks at number 2 in crypto trading worldwide.  It follows after the United States of America.  The country placed second despite much government effort to dampen crypto trading. According to Paxful, a Bitcoin trading platform, Nigeria is second in line when it comes to crypto trading. This puts the country right behind the USA. Despite numerous attempts at trying to dampen the growing interest in Bitcoin, its citizens have fully embraced cryptocurrencies.  In fact, according to Chainalysis, Nigerian users received an astounding $2.4 billion in May. This number is based on dollar volume in cryptos. This is a remarkable