The Netherlands arrests Tornado Cash Developer

A developer connected to the authorized Tornado Cash has been detained. FIOD began investigations in June, multiple arrests have not been ruled out. The U.S. Treasury sanctioned Tornado Cash on August 8. According to a Fiscal Information and Investigation Service statement, a 29-year-old developer allegedly connected to the authorized Tornado Cash protocol was detained in Amsterdam on Friday (FIOD). Tornado Cash is an Ethereum-based crypto mixing service that allows users to gain a cloak of anonymity when transferring crypto assets. On Monday, the U.S. government sanctioned the service for assisting criminals in laundering stolen money. FIOD began investigations in June,

Bitcoin Network has transferred $17.78T in 2022 already
Netherlands Announces Listing a New Spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETP

The Netherlands announces the listing of a new spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETP.  Twitter’s crypto community is happy to see more crypto adoption across the globe.  Collectively, the community hopes more nations like the US will follow suit. Twitter is celebrating the wider adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) once again today thanks to an announcement in the Netherlands. In detail, the Netherlands just announced the listing of a new spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETP within its nation.  As we can see from the tweet above, the popular Bitcoin (BTC) Twitter profile — Bitcoin Magazine, posted about Netherlands’ decision. Furthermore, the tweet goes on