Netherlands Announces Listing a New Spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETP

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  • The Netherlands announces the listing of a new spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETP. 
  • Twitter’s crypto community is happy to see more crypto adoption across the globe. 
  • Collectively, the community hopes more nations like the US will follow suit.

Twitter is celebrating the wider adoption of Bitcoin (BTC) once again today thanks to an announcement in the Netherlands. In detail, the Netherlands just announced the listing of a new spot Bitcoin (BTC) ETP within its nation. 

As we can see from the tweet above, the popular Bitcoin (BTC) Twitter profile — Bitcoin Magazine, posted about Netherlands’ decision. Furthermore, the tweet goes on to wonder when the USA will follow suit with a similar decision. 

From the many responses to the tweet, we can see that the crypto community on Twitter is ecstatic to see that more parts of the world are adopting Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrency-oriented services. 

In fact, some responses go on to cheer for the Netherlands for making a strategic move that will ensure its future growth in the industry. Meanwhile, others point to how Bitcoin (BTC) and crypto adoption is the right move for the future and that it is great to see more and more nations come to this realization. 

In contrast, one response in particular says that spot ETPs are useless. This is because they argue saying it is much easier for investors to directly buy Bitcoin (BTC) and then transfer the funds to a cold storage. 

Moreover, the response highlights how ETP issuers could always keep or lose investors’ money instead. After all, the whole point of Bitcoin (BTC) and cryptocurrencies is to keep investors in control of their financial funds, an ETP would defeat that. 

On the other hand, many responses focus on the latter part of the tweet. To highlight, a few responses address the issue of the US’s lack of listing a spot ETP for Bitcoin (BTC). Some responses say the USA will only make a similar move when they hire younger leaders to the country.  

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