Bitcoin Struggles to Gain Momentum Despite Microsoft Support

Microsoft Excel adds the Bitcoin currency symbol to its list of currencies.  The price of Bitcoin (BTC) took a hit 3 days ago and fell by over 10%.  Bitcoin struggles to gain momentum amidst the fearful crypto market sentiment. In a stunning show of support, Microsoft Excel added the Bitcoin (BTC) currency symbol ‘₿’ to its list of currencies on its software. This is certainly exciting news as this shows that Bitcoin (BTC) has indeed joined the mainstream world.  Adding on, this not only means that the masses believe that Bitcoin (BTC) is here to stay, but it also shows

You Can Soon Buy Apple and Microsoft Stocks at Binance

Binance will open tokenized stocks of Apple and Microsoft on its website platform. On April 26, Binance opened Microstrategy stocks alongside Coinbase and Tesla stocks. Tokenized stocks enable investors to buy portions of a stock, enabling them to invest according to their budget. Top cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced that it will start offering tokenized stocks of Microstrategy, Apple, and Microsoft. In fact, the exchange has already started selling Microstrategy stocks on April 26. According to the announcement, Apple stocks will become available on April 28, while Microsoft stocks will open on April 30. Both of them will open at 1:30