Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban’s Crypto Wallet Stolen After 160 Days of Inactivity

🚨🔒Mark Cuban’s cryptocurrency wallet was hacked after being idle for 160 days, leading to substantial losses across multiple assets. However, Cuban was able to recover 3.049M USDC. A stark reminder to keep your #crypto secure! #MarkCuban #Cybersecurity #Cryptonews

Mark Cuban Picks DOGE
Elon Musk Not Dogecoin’s Only Fan, Mark Cuban Picks DOGE

Elon Musk and Mark Cuban agree over the power of Dogecoin.  Both believe that DOGE is an excellent option for payment transactions.  The DOGE community is what makes the crypto special. The ultimate Dogecoin (DOGE) fan — Elon Musk, meets another firm believer — Mark Cuban. The two titans of their industries have agreed on the fact that DOGE is the ‘strongest’ crypto for transacting payments.  For a long time, Elon Musk has been quite vocal about his love for the community-driven meme crypto. For instance, his tweets go from trashing Bitcoin to elevating Dogecoin. One tweet even said ‘DOGE