MetaMask Launches Portfolio DApp For Tracking User’s Assets

MetaMask launches a Portfolio DApp and is now in beta mode. The new DApp allows users to view their portfolios and NFTs from multiple accounts and chains. It also allows users to monitor any crypto by adding them to the watchlist. MetaMask, a leading crypto wallet provider for Defi and Web3 Dapps, launches a Beta of its Portfolio Decentralized App (DApp), a dashboard for tracking users’ DeFi portfolios. As per the announcement post of MetaMask, the team acknowledges the inconvenience that connecting to multiple tools and platforms brings to users. The Portfolio DApp solves this problem by aggregating it all

MATIC Goes Green as Polygon Hosts Over 37K DApps

The Polygon Network has doubled the DApps on its platform since March. At the moment, Polygon hosts over 37,000 DApps. The price of its native token MATIC is showing bullish signs. The Polygon Network has doubled its number of DApps since March and quadrupled its number since the start of the year. In detail, the network is now home to over 37,000 DApps. This number is according to Alchemy, the world’s leading web3 development platform.  From the tweet above, we can see that the crypto community is excited by the growing number of DApps in web3. Some of the responses