MATIC Goes Green as Polygon Hosts Over 37K DApps

  • The Polygon Network has doubled the DApps on its platform since March.
  • At the moment, Polygon hosts over 37,000 DApps.
  • The price of its native token MATIC is showing bullish signs.

The Polygon Network has doubled its number of DApps since March and quadrupled its number since the start of the year. In detail, the network is now home to over 37,000 DApps. This number is according to Alchemy, the world’s leading web3 development platform. 

From the tweet above, we can see that the crypto community is excited by the growing number of DApps in web3. Some of the responses show skepticism towards the network as it set off to solve Ethereum’s gas fee problem which could soon become a thing of the past. 

Another response wonders how many of these DApps will succeed in the long run. So far, Polygon has made multiple partnerships since its inception. Not to mention, it has been steadily building to host the many DApps that are now thriving on its platform. 

It seems that more and more projects are choosing to build on Polygon. In fact, Alchemy’s data shows how 74% of teams have integrated exclusively on the Polygon network. Meanwhile, 26% have deployed on both Ethereum and Polygon. 

Adopting Polygon on Alchemy even led to a massive surge in the popularity of DeFi applications as well as NFTs on the chain. So far, Polygon has processed over 1.6 billion transactions to date. It has also secured over $5 billion in assets from over 142 million unique user addresses. 

To highlight, Polygon PoS is serving as a center for some very interesting web3 projects. These include Aave, OpenSea, and Uniswap V3. Furthermore, Meta, Stripe, Adobe, and more chose Polygon as their default gateway to web3. 

According to CoinGecko, the price of MATIC, Polygon’s native token, is presently hovering at $0.937719. The price is up by 5.4% in the last 24 hours and up by 5.4% over the past 7 days. 

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