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Bitcoin's Predictable Dance: BMSB Dip and SPX Decline in Pre-Halving Year
Is the Bitcoin Bear Market Truly Over? Decoding the Phases Ahead

While 2022 marked Bitcoin’s bear market exit, 2023 is shaping up to be intriguing! 🚀 As BTC tests previous supports, it’s vital to understand the regeneration phase, pre-bull movements, and the impending Golden Bull. Patience will be key! 📈 #BitcoinForecast #GoldenBullLoading.

Bitcoin In a Less Severe Bear Market: JA Maartunn

Bitcoin has witnessed low single-digit rises and falls in the month. In 2013 and 2017, Bitcoin plummeted 84% from its prior all-time high. The DXY Index price behavior might support a Bitcoin rise back to $26,000. The ramifications of the September trend have been reasonably apparent in Bitcoin. According to data, the digital asset has only witnessed low single-digit rises for the month.  At this time, the cryptocurrency has gained 3 percent, but with the price continuing to fall, it is probable that bitcoin may go below this level. However, according to our analysis, the Current bear market is way

65% of All Bitcoin Has Not Been Moved In Over a Year

The drop in the price of Bitcoin has not had an effect on its available supply. The amount of activity on a network may plainly show how stable it is. Investors have had an especially rough time during the 2022 bear market. It’s not necessarily true that a market that is busy is healthy. A network’s level of activity can clearly reveal its stability, but a decline in activity may also foretell the beginning of a positive trend. Consider the Bitcoin network as an illustration. The majority of Bitcoin’s circulating supply hasn’t been impacted by its price decline. Over 65%