Ripple and Apple Partner to Facilitate ‘Tap to Pay’ Feature for Making Transactions Between iPhones

  • Ripple and Apple come together to facilitate a new feature for iPhone users.
  • Soon iPhones can transact funds directly between each other using the ‘Tap to Pay’ feature.
  • Ripple’s Interledger extension is the technology behind this seamless payment function.

Apple unveils ‘Tap to Pay’ feature for transactions between iPhones and a popular crypto project is working with it to make it a seamless experience. It looks like Ripple is working with Apple to iPhones to transact funds directly between themselves. 

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As we can see from the post above, Ripple released an ad to showcase how iPhone users could simply place their iPhones towards one another to seamlessly transact funds amongst themselves. 

In detail, the tech giant Apple has unveiled a Payment Request API for its Apple Pay payment system which comes with Ripple’s Interledger extension. This means that Apple happily uses Ripple’s Interledger technology, opening doors to more innovative possibilities between the two star projects of their industries. 

Responses to the reveal are extremely bullish for the price of XRP and the support for Ripple as a brand that innovates and simplifies payment transactions across the world. Ripple is here to tokenize assets and simplify cross-border payments. 

Ripple’s technology and infrastructure is built to send a massive amount of funds across the world at the drop of a hat. It offers speed, transparency, low fees, security, and cutting-edge technology. Apple teaming with Ripple is a testament to all of these promises. 

Despite Ripple’s many accomplishments, regulatory wins, reputed partnerships, and bullish market moves, the price of XRP is yet to reflect all this success. Yet, as the XRP Army continues to hold their assets, the expectation for a massive XRP bull run remains strong.

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