Reign of Bitcoin Is Over, Say Non-Believers for the 461st Time

Reign of Bitcoin Is Over, Say Non-Believers for the 461st Time
  • Non-believers say Bitcoin (BTC) is dead, over 461 times.
  • The crypto community holds steadfast and either encourages buying or holding. 
  • Bitcoin’s price dropped yesterday but looks like it is already recovering today.

The sudden dip in the price of Bitcoin (BTC) yesterday led many to allow their faith in the pioneer cryptocurrency to drop even further. This has been a rough year for Bitcoin (BTC) and altcoins as well. Many are still hoping for a surge or a bull run soon. 

However, with the repeated dips in the crypto market, the morale of crypto investors is constantly falling more than the price of the cryptocurrencies themselves. As it always does, many traditional investing sectors have once again declared that Bitcoin (BTC) is dead.

This statement comes as no surprise to crypto and blockchain enthusiasts as it isn’t the first time they have heard such a statement. Bitcoin (BTC) has been called dead hundreds of times and yet it continues to surge and disprove non-believers. 

As we can see from the tweet above, Bitcoin Magazine claims that Bitcoin (BTC) has been declared ‘dead’ more than 461 times. It is accompanied by a chart that shows the steady rise of the price of Bitcoin (BTC). 

Certainly, Bitcoin (BTC) has and likely will never be dead. After all, over 65% of all Bitcoin has not been moved in over a year. This signifies that many are waiting out the rocky bear market as they know holding their assets is the best move during this time. 

Adding on to this unrelenting support for Bitcoin (BTC), let’s look at the responses to the tweet above. Here, all responses point to how investors can recover and profit even in a bear market. 

One simply needs to trade smartly and be in the investing game for the long run. Meanwhile, others say that a dip is a great opportunity to buy since Bitcoin’s price will eventually surge back up. According to CoinGecko analytics, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) is already on the road to recovery. Yesterday Bitcoin (BTC) dipped harshly to $18,471. Presently, it is showing green signs as the price is $19,317.

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