Binance CEO CZ Highlights: ‘Crypto Is Dead’ Says Liars 

Binance CEO CZ Highlights: ‘Crypto Is Dead’ Says Liars
  • Blockdata analytics confirms that many traditional finance companies are already in crypto.
  • Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) highlights this data saying many are silent adopters. 
  • Another user on Twitter uses the same data to imply that only liars say ‘cryptio is dead’.

An interesting observation caught the eyes of many within the crypto community. According to Blockdata analytics, it seems that most traditional services have already begun investing in crypto companies. This shows clear signs of supporting crypto adoption as these companies offer crypto products and services. 

Binance CEO — Changpeng Zhao (CZ), tweets the analytics and highlights how many top brands are already actively taking part in the crypto industry. To highlight, the Blockdata analytics shows the most active investors in blockchain companies by the top 100 public companies. 

There is no denying that crypto and blockchain are here to stay. In fact, not only are they here to stay, but they will most likely pave the path for the future as well as drive it. The data contains all parties who invested in crypto ventures between September 2021 to June 2022. 

Thus, we can see that in less than a year, a massive crowd has jumped on the crypto bandwagon. This means that crypto is no longer a shiny new interest, but rather something that has and offers great value. No doubt, crypto adoption is growing much faster than many anticipated. 

Another string of tweets by Miles Deutscher also draws light to the same data. Here, he states how after a stubborn act from many traditional financial companies, they finally gave in to the inevitable. He says the move feels like they gave in to the ‘If you can’t beat them, join them’ ideology.   

After a struggle of accepting cryptos for what they are — a means to simplify, decentralize, and elevate fairness and opportunity, it seems traditional finance no longer sees them as a threat. According to another tweet, it seems the only ones chanting ‘crypto is dead’ are likely from those who are ignorant or simply from liars. 

Miles’ thread on Twitter also highlights how NFTs helped pave the way. What with Disney, Meta, Gucci, Nike and many other big brands entering the space. Global adoption for the technology was bound to happen. 

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