Cardano CEO Highlights the Need for Crypto Communities Over Leaders

  • Charles Hoskinson, the Co-Founder of Cardano, addresses the ADA community.
  • He does so at Consensus 2022 and thanks the ADA army for building with him.
  • Above all, he is excited to have the ADA community meet Consensus.

The Co-Founder of Cardano — Charles Hoskinson, addresses the Cardano (ADA) community at Consensus 2022. His main take on the talk was to remind the Cardano community about the philosophy of Cardano. 

He begins his speech by thanking the 1,800 visitors who registered for the event. He looks back at how far Cardano has come. To begin, he reminisces about how Cardano began with a simple idea. 

It wanted to change the world with good tech and good principles paired with a clear mission. In those terms, they wanted simple principles — scalability, interoperability, and governance. 

With these three principles they can deliver a space that can work well no matter how many new users join the platform. In addition, they will bring stable communication between all technology networks and channels. Lastly, find a way to update the protocol and give the community a way to carry itself forward. 

Now, he says Cardano went from a simple mission to building an army of experts, dreamers, businesses, builders, and much more. With a team of millions from across the world, Hoskinson is grateful to have the opportunity to do this together. 

Hoskinson then takes a few moments to shout out a few projects who he is working with such as World Mobile. They are bringing to life a decentralized and democratised internet all the way from Zanzibar. 

He then talks about why he is here at Consensus. In particular, he says it was time for the communities to mix and work towards a greater goal. However, he still draws attention to how blockchain companies should push their communities and work on changing the world over the usual ‘when moon?’ drive.

Indeed, Cardano has been steadily growing since its inception a few years ago. They have gone from building a blockchain to launching smart contracts. The latest of its upgrades include the Vasil Hard fork

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