Next Ethereum (ETH) Bull Run Will Hit $15,000, See How

  • The crypto community discusses the price of ETH in its next bull run.
  • Many expect to see a massive spike in ETH’s all-time high for its next bull run. 
  • While some expect an ATH of $12,500, others are expecting to see $15,000.

In a feisty discussion, a few self-proclaimed analysts and a few well-read analysts take on the debate of the result of ETH’s next bull run. In particular, the discussion wavered between a whole range of new possible all-time highs (ATH). Specifically, the most resounding price settled at $15,000 ETH for Ethereum’s native token’s next bull run. 

In detail, the discussion took place on a Reddit thread called CryptoCurrency. Here, the discussion came to life when one user posted other users to share their opinion on what they think the next ATH for ETH would be. To be exact, the post asked what the next bull run will bring in terms of an ATH. 

More so, the post went on to explain the price of ETH’s history so far. To begin the post states how ETH had peaked just under $5,000 during its last bull run. Therefore, the user shares their opinion by stating their expectation for ETH’s next bull run to hit an ATH of $10,000. 

However, the same post goes on to explain that this was their expectation before the Ethereum merge took place last month. In light of how the merge has changed things, the users say they now expect a completely different ATH to set a mark during ETH’s next bull run. 

The post highlights how there have been many articles speaking of how ETH has become a deflationary asset since the merge. It goes on to say that this change occurred after the last bull run. Thus, the post justifies, assuming the issuance will be less during the next bull run, then the new bull run price should be much higher in comparison to the last. 

To conclude, the post asks the readers where they place their bets and says they place it at $12,500. One resounding response to this post came with the price $15,000. This response goes on to explain the issuance and burning cycles of ETH. It says that with these cycles in place, it is more likely for ETH to hit $15,000 during its next bull run. 

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