Redditors Recognize Signs for Crypto Bull Market Start

  • Two posts on Reddit indicate the onset of a crypto bull market. 
  • The first post says Bitcoin (BTC) will have monthly gains to rival that of October 2021. 
  • The second post highlights signs for the commencement of a crypto bull market.

As 2022 settles deeper into Q3, the market seems to be leaning towards bright green signs for the crypto industry. Indeed, it looks like the stoic crypto winter is finally at an end. Crypto Redditers discuss the clear and high signs of the onset of a crypto bull market. 

To highlight, two posts on the CryptoCurrency Reddit thread have caught the attention of the crypto community. Firstly, one post says that Bitcoin (BTC) is about to have its biggest monthly gains since October 2021. 

In detail, the post goes on to elaborate how it will be so. Specifically, it seems the bull market is already underway. In fact, it began this week. We see the signs as the price of Bitcoin (BTC) and other crypto assets continue to rise towards higher prices. 

The post draws to Uptomber (October 2021) where the release of the first Futures ETF Bitcoin in the US triggered a price hike like no other. More so, the post remarks how the sustainability and continuity of the current price surges should be appreciated as we cannot know how long it could last. 

However, it does mention how it is a good sign and how this is different from other short surges throughout crypto winter. As for clear signs that this surge is different from the rest we’ve seen over the last couple of months, this is addressed in the second post. 

The second post, shows no fear, it says that the bear market has most definitely come to an end. It indicates that the bull market has clearly arrived. To add on to the post’s affirmation, it throws light on the current price of BTC and ETH. Of which, the prices of both assets have been rising steadily since the last seven days.   

To conclude, the post points out clear signals that, according to them, proves the arrival of the bull market. For instance, it says FOMO has returned, which was fueled further by many regretting not buying ETH when it dropped to $800.

Adding on, other signs include the return of direct messages from scammers via social media channels. Also, predictions for Bitcoin (BTC) surpassing $100,000 by the end of the year have also made a comeback. In light of all this, it seems that the bull market has arrived.  

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