Man Mistakenly Sells $1M Clipart Rock NFT for -1 Cent

Man Mistakenly Sells $1M Clipart Rock NFT for -1 Cent
  • A $1 million worth NFT, EtherRock, has been sold by Dino Dealer for less than a cent by mistake.
  • The new owner relisted the NFT for 234 ETH.
  • Dino Dealer begged for a return but only received suspicious replies.

Recently, a clipart-based image of a rock that was evidently appraised for over $1 million has been mistakenly sold for less than a cent.

EtherRock is an early Ethereum-based non-fungible token (NFT) project way back 2017 that portrays numerous-colored rocks. These collections of slightly unique 100 clipart rocks have been sold for millions of dollars.

Less than a week ago, an NFT collector Dino Dealer announced on Twitter that he listed his EtherRock NFT for 444 Wei instead of 444 ETH by mistake. At the time of writing, 444 ETH is $1,197,725.52. On the contrary, one Ether is equal to one quintillion Wei and 444 Wei only amounting 0.000000000000000444 ETH, around $0.0000000000012.

Based on the EtherRock website, the new owner relisted the NFT for 234 ETH, or more than $600,000. Dino Dealer begged the new owner to return his EtherRock in a comment section. However, he only received suspicious replies who offered help if he called their WhatsApp or sent them an email.

The bot allows its user to buy any newly-added token at an amazing speed from the time of listing, which removes the opportunity for other people to respond. Over the past year, bot sniping has been widespread in NFT marketplaces. In addition, more websites that guarantee to beat others milliseconds faster have been appearing.

EtherRock’s success created numerous copies in NFT marketplaces and people would wonder why these images cost so much. However, one thing is certain: spending thousands on bots to snipe NFTs could bring thousands in profit.

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