Illuviumio Introduces Illuvium NFT Collection


  1. Illuviumio is working to broaden the scope of its ecosystem.
  2. Illuvitars will also be available to users of the new platform when it launches.
  3. Illuviumio is going to present Illuvium Beyond.

According to a recent post on Twitter, ImmutableX (IMX), which is the leading platform for building web3 games on Ethereum (ETH), has stated that Illuviumio is expanding its ecosystem.

According to what is stated in the announcement, Illuviumio is going to present Illuvium Beyond, which is a one-of-a-kind collection of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that have been developed specifically for the IMX platform.

Users of the new platform will also have access to Illuvitars, which are the most technologically advanced and modifiable avatars that have been developed for Web3 gaming to this day.

Illuvitars also have in-game functionality that is shared by all Illuvium games, cross-brand collaborations, and features that cover the entirety of the Illuvium Universe. As a result, the possibilities that may be achieved with Illuvitars are virtually endless.

There are an infinite number of ways to personalize an Illuvitar base, and each of these methods has its own degree of rarity. Any of these accessories, like a hat, a coat of war paint, a ring, or a bowtie, can be permanently attached to your Illuvitar. Alternatively, you may trade these items with other players in NFT marketplaces.

To buy an Illuvitar with an ImmutableX wallet, go to the marketplace and select the “Wallet Connect” option when prompted to do so during the checkout process. After reaching that level, it will be able to connect with the necessary wallets, such as MetaMask or Gamestop Wallet. In addition, first-time users may rapidly generate a wallet by entering their email address on the “Email” tab of the website.

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