CZ Sounds the Alarm: Top Crypto Projects’ Communication Crisis

  1. 35.8% top crypto projects didn’t blog in 2023; investor research crucial
  2. 49.7% published 2+ articles; Medium dominates as host platform
  3. 4.7% projects lack blog; assess project transparency before investing

A recent GuerrillaBuzz study has uncovered a concerning trend among the top 1000 crypto projects in 2023, raising questions about the importance of research and transparency in the cryptocurrency sector.

According to the study, 35.8% of the 1000 top crypto projects have failed to publish even a single article on their websites in 2023. Furthermore, only 49.7% of these projects managed to post two or more articles, suggesting that the majority of them are not engaging with their investors adequately. 

In addition, a surprising 84.8% of the top crypto projects host their blogs on Medium, while only 10.4% have a blog on their main domain. The study also found that 4.7% of projects do not have any kind of blog, neither on Medium nor on their main domain.

This data highlights the potential risks associated with investing in crypto projects without conducting thorough research. The lack of communication from these projects could be an indication of hidden issues or lack of transparency, which can lead to irreversible financial losses for investors. Therefore, it is essential for investors to carefully research a project’s background, team, and development progress before making any investment decisions.

In conclusion, this study serves as a timely reminder of the importance of due diligence when investing in crypto projects. By being proactive and conducting research, investors can minimize the risks associated with making wrong decisions and avoid losses that cannot be reversed.

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