VeeFriends Announces: Limited Edition Spooky Vees NFT Drop

VeeFriends Announces: Limited Edition Spooky Vees NFT Drop
  • VeeFriends announces a holiday-themed NFT drop. 
  • The platform is giving away limited edition ‘Spooky Vees’.
  • Also, two POAPs went out as extra treats.

The popular NFT and community-driven project — VeeFriends, has some very exciting news for the festive season. Specifically, the platform announced a Halloween-themed NFT drop via its Twitter account. 

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In detail, the tweet comes with a blog post attached to it. This blog post goes on to explain just what the NFT drop event is about. It also explains how one can become eligible to participate. 

Accordingly, the event is called ‘Mini Drops — Spooky Vees’. The reason behind this drop is that the creator — Gary Vaynerchuk, wants the community to enjoy the next 45 years in building this ecosystem centered around VeeFriends NFTs. 

Thus, he proposes this themed NFT event. Here, he says that easter eggs are important to keep the fun going. So, in the spirit of Haloween, the project will give away ‘Spooky Vees’. To be exact, 31 tokens will be given out. In addition, he encourages more readers to join the project’s discord for an earlier heads-up on future events. 

For those looking to claim these mini-drops, they have to follow three steps. Firstly, they must own a wallet that already holds one of eight featured characters. Next, they should visit this page and click on ‘Connect Wallet’. Lastly, click ‘Enter the queue’ and fill out the form. 

Incredibly lucky souls will have the glory of claiming a limited edition Spooky Vee. Upon a successful claim, the Spooky Vee will airdrop directly to the winner’s wallet. To add on, the blog post also specifies another treat with a link that held another surprise.   

Here, the first of the arrivals could claim a limited VeeFriends Halloween POAP. Specifically, two POAPs each were available. Both POAPs are now fully claimed. To specify 2,000 of each POAPs were claimed. 

The VeeFriends project led by Vaynerchuk hopes to establish a fulfilling, community-driven, NFT network. In fact, Vaynerchuk even designs the NFTs to mirror the good qualities he wishes to see in people. 

His big dream is to one day hold VeeCon, a convention where idealists and visionaries can meet and network to share ideas and accomplish greater things. Of course, he aims to do this with the underlying core element of fun. Truly, this is a project to keep an eye on. 

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