Phishing Attack Leaves NFT Blogger Stunned Yet Resolute

  • Notable NFT blogger and collector ‘NFT GOD’ got his accounts and wallets hacked.
  • He lost a huge chunk of his net worth all from one phishing link on Google.
  • His community and digital identity were under attack as well

Popular NFT blogger and collector ‘NFT GOD’ got his NFTs and crypto assets stolen by clicking on a phishing link. In detail, the blogger’s online accounts from Substack to Twitter got hacked and his crypto assets were taken away.

In particular, NFT GOD clicked a link on Google which led to the hacking of his online accounts. As we can see from the Twitter thread above, the NFT collector went through a horrific night.

It seems his every account connected to both his personal and professional online identities was hacked and used to hurt others. The hackers even went on to send two emails with phishing links to NFT GOD’s 16,000 Substack subscribers.

He says the hack has cost him much of his net worth. A ‘life-changing’ amount to be exact. To be clear, he explains the horrid events step-by-step on his Twitter account. He says for the last 24 hours his Twitter, Substack, Gmail, Discord, and wallets were all invaded and taken over by hackers.

After trying to install a link, he noticed that his accounts had been taken over and so proceeded to check on his crypto assets. Upon doing so, he saw that all his assets were gone. All his crypto and NFTs were taken from him, just like that. 

He was left cold and numb and accepted that his entire digital livelihood was under attack. After reseting his passwords and reinstalling Windows on his computer he was heartbroken to see that his Substack subscribers were compromised as well. The fact that his name was used to hurt his community hurt him more than losing his net worth. 

Finally, NFT GOD laments over not having set up a cold wallet so far into his career. Ultimately, he goes on to thank the community for their support and reminds himself that he still has his health and this is what matters most. He will focus his efforts on keeping the trust of his subscribers and continue to support the community.

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