Coinbase Shows Mission Dedication, Financial Freedom For All

Coinbase Shows Mission Dedication, Financial Freedom For All
  • Coinbase will hire 2,000 employees this year.
  • They will join the engineering, design, and product teams.
  • This is Coinbase gearing up to meet the opportunities to come in 2022.

To deliver on their mission to elevate global financial freedom, Coinbase is making an exciting announcement. Specifically, the crypto exchange platform says it will add about 2,000 employees to its team. 

In detail, Coinbase plans to meet this goal in 2022. In particular, the 2,000 new employees will be scattered across three different teams. To be specific, these teams include Design, Engineering, and Product.  

The tweet made by Wu Blockchain comes with a Coinbase blog post that details all of its plans this year. To highlight, Coinbase is gearing up to meet the massive growth that will likely come to Web3. 

In fact, the blog article talks of many opportunities that will come with the future of Web3. “We believe our industry is in its infancy and that building onramps for individuals to participate is critical to driving the next generation use case of crypto.”

To add on, Coinbase says that they are also working to include products that users can generate like NFTs. More so, they hint at ‘ambitious plans’ for the future of their Coinbase Wallet. These plans seem to include promises about accessibility, simplicity in use, and higher security. 

Coinbase makes it clear that the market may be quiet or alive but their strategy remains certain. Through the market highs and lows, Coinbase will tailor its next move to seamlessly work with the market’s current pace. 

Lastly, the blog touches on how cryptos are at a ‘critical juncture’. It draws attention to how public adoption is at an all-time high. In turn, crypto firms are in the spotlight as Web3 applications are ready to burst. Thus, Coinbase seems new possibilities on the horizon and is ready to meet its demands. 

Meanwhile, replies to the tweet show that many customers are unsatisfied with Coinbase’s customer service. Hence, the comments section is filled with dismay at the fact that none of the 2,000 new employees will be joining Coinbase’s customer service team.   

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