• Agora will be hosting the 9th edition of the Global Blockchain Congress. 
  • This event will take place on February 21 & 22, 2022 in Dubai, UAE. 
  • The theme of this edition will focus on Metaverse, GameFi, & DeFi.

In anticipation of the 9th Global Blockchain Congress, the event announces its media partner  — Unlock, on Twitter. In detail, the event will take place on February 21 & 22, 2022. Thus, interested parties can learn of the latest innovation to come from the blockchain industry.  

As the biggest blockchain event in the MENA region, the event has quite the standard to deliver. More so, considering the success of the previous 8 Global Blockchain Congress events. Indeed, the bar is quite high. 

To highlight, Agora is hosting the 9th edition in Dubai, UAE. This time, the theme is ‘The Decentralized Digital Reality: A gateway to the Metaverse, GameFi, & DeFi’. Clearly, this time, the event wishes to focus on the latest technology that holds attention in the technology industry. 

Certainly, this is a very interesting start to the new year. In particular, the Metaverse is very new. So, it will be interesting to see what comes from it, following the event. After all, the Global Blockchain Congress is no exhibition or conference. 

Specifically, the platform acts as a space to connect investors to hand-picked DeFi & blockchain projects. This is more of a ‘closed-door’ event. Here, projects can focus on raising funds. In fact, the place is likely to be teeming with VCs, family offices, private equity firms, and more. 

The success of the Global Blockchain Congress is hugely thanks to the spectacular growth of technology startup funding powered by the MENA region. Particularly, Dubai has been a pioneer in all things technology and innovation. Thus, the MENA region offers a great shot for visionaries to begin to kickstart their goals and dreams. 

Lastly, the 9th edition is already set to go. Interested parties can check out the events agenda, sponsors, speakers, and more here. Surely, this event will bring in many new surprises for the blockchain world. Hence, we will simply have to stay tuned.

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