46M Americans Hold Bitcoin, BTC Offers Financial Freedom

46M Americans Hold Bitcoin
  • Over 46 million Americans now hold Bitcoin. 
  • This proves that most people are against banning Bitcoin. 
  • CEO of MicroStrategy — Michael Saylor, believes that Bitcoin will bring financial freedom.

The journey of Bitcoin (BTC) continues with much gusto. Twitter account — Documenting Bitcoin, continues to make records of its every milestone.  As of today, the latest one says that over 46 million Americans are holding BTC.

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In detail, Documenting Bitcoin tweets saying — Bitcoin is for everyone. 

It goes on to highlight that 46 million Americans now hold BTC. This means that most individuals are now aware of the pioneer cryptocurrency. Specifically, almost everyone from friends, neighbors, colleagues, and more are all holding the revolutionary digital asset. 

To elaborate, the tweet came in response to another tweet made by an Elementary Science teacher — Aarika Rhodes. She says that banning BTC won’t do any good. People from all “all walks of life” have begun to invest in Bitcoin. So much so that even those with zero investments don’t want to see BTC banned. 

The fact is, users are becoming more aware of the fact that BTC offers a reliable network that is growing faster than the Internet did when it first made its debut to the world. In hindsight, the Internet took much longer to reach the public looking back to its day of inception.

In contrast, BTC was created to better the lives of the public and was instantly available to them. It was made with the intention to protect the assets of the regular folk. Now, it seems that the regular folk, have finally begun to realize this. 

True, corporates have poured millions into the asset but that doesn’t mean that the public is missing out. Most believers see BTC as a road to true financial freedom. The Founder of MicroStrategy — Michael Saylor, is one such believer. He truly believes that BTC is paving the road towards total financial freedom.

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