Casio and Polygon Strike Partnership to Launch G-SHOCK NFT Watches

  • Casio partners with Polygon for G-SHOCK NFT project.
  • 15,000 limited-edition Creator Pass NFTs will be minted on Polygon.
  • Polygon has secured many huge partnerships with Casio being its latest pride.

Polygon (MATIC) has scored another major partnership as Casio Computer Co., Ltd. unveils plans to launch the G-SHOCK NFT project. In particular, this initiative aims to bridge the iconic G-SHOCK line of shock-resistant watches with its global user base. 

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Starting on September 23, 2023, 15,000 limited-edition G-SHOCK Creator Pass NFTs, minted exclusively on the Polygon blockchain, will make their debut.

The G-SHOCK brand, popular since its 1983 debut, has engaged in collaborations across various cultural domains, from fashion and sports to art and music. Casio intends to leverage NFTs and the metaverse to expand its user base and offer co-creative projects and new experiences.

The virtual G-SHOCK community will debut on Discord, facilitating the initial distribution of 15,000 G-SHOCK Creator Pass NFTs. These passes grant exclusive access to co-creative projects and events, including the G-SHOCK Creator Pass Color Design Contest, where community members can design and vote on the pass’s look.

Casio’s partnership with Polygon Labs, an Ethereum scaling developer, plays a pivotal role in this venture. Polygon’s fast transactions and carbon-neutral capabilities simplify the minting and management of NFTs. 

According to Takahashi Oh, Casio Senior General Manager of Timepieces, Polygon was the natural choice due to its accessibility and user-friendly approach.

Casio joins a league of major brands like Nike, Adidas, Disney, Adobe, Meta, Stripe, Prada, 7-Eleven, and Starbucks, launching their NFT initiatives on Polygon. This underscores Polygon’s growing appeal to global brands and its potential to reshape the NFT landscape.

Casio’s move towards NFTs and the metaverse represents a significant step in bringing iconic brands closer to digital communities, promising innovative and inclusive experiences for users.

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