Ben Armstrong Launches BEN Nation After Getting Kicked From Bitboy

  1. Ben Armstrong has broken his silence after getting kicked out from Bitboy Crypto.
  2. Armstrong is launching his own influencer channel and BEN Nation, another entity promoting a meme coin.
  3. Bitboy removed Armstrong due to alleged drug relapse and altercation with some staff.

Crypto influencer Ben Armstrong, popularly known for founding the Bitboy Crypto brand, announced that he is going to launch his own influencer channel after getting previously kicked from Bitboy.

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According to a series of announcements, Armstrong is back in the crypto space and he is totally disassociating himself with Bitboy. He will provide more details in his inaugural YouTube live stream in a couple of hours from now.

Previously, Armstrong was removed from Bitboy due to legal reasons. Particularly, the crypto influencer brand deems Armstrong unfit for the role due to drug relapse and for a possible altercation between Armstrong and some staff of Bitboy.

For his part, Armstrong expressed his disappointment toward the Bitboy brand, saying that the latter would “engage and get in the mud” just to “go low” at him. It is not clear what Armstrong is implying regarding his statements, although he may just be referring to his removal from the Bitboy entity.

Armstrong is a colorful personality in the crypto space, and he has as many supporters as he has detractors. He was last seen promoting a meme coin named BEN at the height of the popularity of Pepe (PEPE). 

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