Ben Armstrong Says He Will Rip CelsiusUcc Members to Shreds

Celsius Collapse Drag Investors Down
  1. Ben Armstrong says he will rip CelsiusUcc members to shreds
  2. Celsius has consented not to request a release concerning the specified defendants or the causes of action in the UCC.
  3. The community has reacted positively to Ben Armstrong`s statements.

Ben Armstrong, a crypto enthusiast, podcaster, and founder of BitBoyCrypto, asserts that he will rip every member of the CelsiusUcc to pieces. According to him, digital sledgehammers will be used, and no one will find refuge.

This occurs in the midst of inquiries from the crypto community. Specifically, a Twitter user had asked if it was possible to sue UCC members. The user claimed that while he was aware of these precautions, there ought to be some way for the UCC to be held accountable for harming Its users.

In a reply Armstrong said:

Of course. You can actually sue anyone for anything. But it’s more effective to apply literal pressure on the people in. Each member of the CelsiusUcc is going to find out what that means. Each and EVERY one of them.

Additionally, the well-known insight provider queries how Celsius holders hold the UCC accountable in another tweet. He claims that he has not witnessed a vote on the subject.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that the UCC’s goal is to maximize claims for Celsius’ clients. Additionally, it provides guidance to unsecured creditors who sustained damages as a result of the company’s negligent, sloppy, and fraudulent behavior.

The cryptocurrency community has responded favorably to Armstrong’s comments because some of them were among the many people who were negatively impacted by the demise of Celsius. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen what steps Ben Armstrong takes in the CelsiusUCC case.

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