Addresses Holding 0.1+ Bitcoin Hit a New All-Time High

  • The number of addresses with 0.1 or more bitcoin has reached a new all-time high of over 3.7 million.
  • This is a very positive sign for the future of cryptocurrency.
  • Bitcoin’s market dominance is currently at 67.7%.

The number of addresses holding 0.1+ bitcoin just hit a new all-time high of over 3.7 Million. That’s an increase of roughly 1 Million addresses in just the past six months. This is a testament to the growing interest and adoption of Bitcoin, as more and more people are becoming aware of its potential as a store of value and investment asset. The number of addresses holding 0.1+ bitcoin is a good metric to track because it represents a significant amount of money that is being put into Bitcoin.

The fact that the number of addresses holding this much Bitcoin is hitting new all-time highs is a very positive sign for the future of the cryptocurrency. It shows that more and more people are becoming serious about investing in Bitcoin, and are willing to hold onto it for the long term.

This is a trend that is likely to continue as Bitcoin becomes more mainstream and as more people become aware of its potential. In the future, we could see even more people holding significant amounts of Bitcoin, which would further increase its value and utility.

During scripting time, the crypto pair is trading at $23k and has a market capitalization of over $454B. Bitcoin’s market dominance is currently at 67.7%. This is a new all-time high for Bitcoin’s market dominance, which shows just how much the cryptocurrency has grown in recent years.

BTC/USD 24-hr price chart, source: Trading view

According to reports, Bitcoin is getting itself back on track after Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, hinted that the electric vehicle company might be buying more of the cryptocurrency. Ever since Musk’s tweets about Bitcoin, the digital asset has witnessed a slight price increase.

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