XRP Rides the Crypto Wave as Analyst Highlights Next Key Targets

  • Price of XRP finally sees momentum amid ongoing crypto rally.
  • CoinGecko reports 15.2% gain, sparking XRP Army hopes.
  • Ergag Crypto urges the XRP Army to hold strong with strategic targets.

XRP is making a steady ascent amid the crypto market surge, gaining 15.2% in 24 hours and 25.4% in 14 days, as per CoinGecko analytics. The XRP community, known as the XRP Army, anticipates a breakthrough, aiming for new all-time highs (ATH).

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In a bullish move, prominent crypto analyst Ergag Crypto shares a detailed chart analysis, outlining strategic and tactical targets for XRP’s potential surge.

In detail, Ergag Crypto emphasizes three key Fibonacci extension targets, presenting potential turning points or price milestones. These targets, if achieved, could propel XRP into the $7, $15, or $30 range, signifying significant bullish momentum.

Firstly, he marks a potential reversal or continuation point, rooted in the square root of 1.618. Secondly, he identifies potential price targets or reversal points, derived from the square root of 2. Lastly, he represents the golden ratio from the Fibonacci sequence whic is crucial for price targets or turning points.

Using the above data from XRP price charts, Ergag Crypto reaffirms the validity of the ‘W’ formation. Thus, he provides insights into the measured move in logarithmic and non-logarithmic scales.

Specifically, he marks the logarithmic at $1, the non-logarithmic at $1.2, and the extended at $1.3. Finally, the post emphasizes the significance of XRP closing weekly above $1.3 for a convincing breakthrough, potentially marking the end of trading below the $1 mark.

Above all, Ergag Crypto encourages the XRP Army to remain steadfast, highlighting future targets ranging from $5 to $27. The $1.3 level is identified as a potential bottom in a bear market, adding to the optimism within the XRP community.

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