Wall Street Memes (WSM) Community Faces Coordinated Attack

  • The Wall Street Memes (WSM) community faced a coordinated attack on Discord.
  • The project’s official statement emphasizes caution against sharing personal information.
  • A compensation fund plan is set to assist affected community members.

In the past 24 hours, the Wall Street Memes ($WSM) token and its community have fallen victim to a coordinated attack. It seems so far, the primary focus of the attackers was to infiltrate the project’s Discord community.

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As we can see from the tweet above, the project immediately took a moment to address the issue and make an official statement. A short message on TwitterX saw the WSM team reiterate that no member of their team will ever send their community a direct message unprompted. 

More importantly, the message says that a member of the WSM team would never ask for any personal information, not even if the account is of an admin or that of a verified account. The post ends with a link to the official statement. 

Specifically, the official statement highlights that the team is unable to assure the complete safety of their Discord server. However, they do confirm that the team is actively engaged in securing the Discord server to safeguard their valued community.

A Message to Rally the Troops

Next, they advice users to exclusively use the official Wall Street Memes Telegram channel. This is so the WSM community can get official updates and developments from the team regarding the Discord attack.

Once again, the statement clarifies the short message that was highlighted on TwitterX. Finally, the statement addresses those community members who were impacted by the Discord attack. To them, the WSM team extend their most sincere apologies. 

Lastly, the statement addresses how they will proceed to implement certain measures to avoid a sequel to a similar attack. The first step includes gathering on-chain data. Memecoins are often susceptible to attacks and it is important to stay vigilant.

Presently, the team is actively compiling information related to the attack, including wallet addresses and associated accounts involved within the last 24 hours. This will ensure a comprehensive record of those affected.

Next, they will establish a compensation fund. This step will mean creating a fund to provide compensation to the affected members of the WSM community after obtaining all pertinent data pertaining to the attack. 

Promising more details in the near future, the team remains optimistic for the launch of its flagship product on October 18, and expresses their unwavering commitment to moving forward despite the unforeseen attack. The statement ends with the promise of standing by those affected by the incident and an assurance of prioritizing the community’s safety and well-being.

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