VET Charts Paint Extremely Bullish Signs, Golden Ratio Retested

  • VeChain’s VET sees 15% surge, sparking analysts’ predictions of 50x-140x gains.
  • Analysts like CryptoBusy and Egrag Crypto foresee VET hitting $0.5-$2.
  • VeChain’s real-world adoption, strong partnerships, and imminent reveal contribute to its momentum.

VeChain‘s VET token experiences a 15% surge amid the crypto market rally, but analysts foresee unprecedented gains, predicting a 50x to 140x increase in the upcoming bull market. In particular, two analysts share their thoughts.

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In the chart displayed above, crypto analyst CryptoBusy says VET price has retested the major 382 golden ratio. He marks this to be a very bullish move for the asset. He says this means that the price is now ranging inside the bullish zone and predicts the assets next price to hit $0.5 and 618 levels.

Meanwhile, another popular crypto analyst, Egrag Crypto, suggests VET could reach $0.9 or even $2, based on historical percentage gains. Other analysts, like Crypto ZX, anticipate new highs if VET breaks key resistance levels around $0.033, a level it has recently surpassed. The broader market boost, particularly Bitcoin’s rise, fuels VeChain’s current rally.

Egrag Crypto’s bullish prediction hinges on VET replicating its 2019 and 2021 percentage gains. The current excitement around VeChain is not isolated, with Crypto ZX identifying breakout levels for VET.

Amidst the crypto market’s $600 million investment inflow last week, VeChain’s 24-hour trading volume surged by 42%, securing its position as a top 35 project with a market capitalization of $3.6 billion and a current value of $0.05 per VET.

VeChain’s momentum extends beyond market sentiment, with its focus on enterprise blockchain for supply chain management garnering attention from global companies, including Walmart China, Bayer China, and collaborations with the Chinese government. Real-world adoption in key industries positions VeChain for substantial growth.

Despite all these bullish predictions the VeFam and the broader crypto market is expecting a big reveal from VeChain CEO Sunny Lu later today. This news is expected to spark a bull run for VET shooting its value to possible ATH.

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