Vertex Launches $ARB Incentives: Unveiling Trade and LP Rewards

  • Vertex offers $ARB incentives for trading and LPs, up to 3M tokens.
  • Trade & earn ARB rewards, sequencer fees waived for 12 weeks.
  • Fusion Pool LPs on Vertex can earn up to 450K ARB.

Vertex, a leading trading platform, introduces an exciting opportunity for users to earn ARB rewards alongside VRTX tokens by actively trading on the platform. With a staggering up to 3 million $ARB tokens up for grabs, Vertex invites traders to participate in the #Vertember and #Arbitrum Season, starting from November 8th, 2023.

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The success of Vertex’s STIP proposal has unlocked a substantial reward pool, offering traders and Elixir Fusion Pool LPs the chance to earn ARB tokens. The 12-week incentive program, slated from November 8th to January 31st, 2024, will distribute 175,000 ARB tokens weekly to participants.

Traders engaging on Vertex will experience a similar reward structure to the Trade & Earn program, albeit this time in ARB tokens. They stand to earn rewards equivalent to a maximum of 75% of the taker fee paid, making the trading experience even more lucrative.

Furthermore, the removal of sequencer fees for orders taking liquidity from the orderbook amplifies this incentive. For the entire 12-week duration, all market pairs on Vertex will experience a fee waiver, promoting increased rewards and reduced trading fees.

Beyond trading incentives, Elixir Fusion Pool LPs can benefit from this program too. By providing liquidity in Fusion Pools, LPs have the potential to earn up to 450,000 ARB in total, with 37,500 ARB distributed weekly. This initiative aims to boost market depth and offer LPs a familiar risk-return profile akin to conventional AMMs.

Claiming rewards is a straightforward process. Users can access the Vertex Rewards page, check their earned and available ARB tokens, and claim rewards with a simple click. Note that ARB rewards will be distributed on a weekly basis, offering a consistent opportunity for users to benefit throughout the program’s duration.

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